Since the 1990s “Elegant Kids” has been dedicated to offering high quality and innovative infant and children products at affordable prices. We started with few layette box gift sets with a determination to not only becoming a reliable source of infant goods but also becoming a leader in offering new gift concepts. Our team of professionals who have combined experience of 30 years in the baby business and exposure to the international market helped in developing a wide variety of range; both in the gift sets as well in the individual basic garments.

Our factory “Kids Kreations”, located in outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand, manufacture a big range of layette products: layette box gift sets at various price points, hats, creepers, sleep n plays, t-shirts, single vests, double vests, belly-binders, mittens, booties, washcloths, hooded towels, bath-robes, door sign pillows, head supports, receiving blankets and fleece blankets, all decorated with very skilled embroideries and prints. We use cotton rich fabrics to weave the soft, smooth baby garments.

We also manufacture a premium feeding line providing convenient, innovative, and safe feeding solutions for parents and babies.

All of our products undergo series of quality assurance and quality inspection to ensure the right quality at every stage of manufacturing; right from incoming raw material till final packing. Our strict quality norms never let our product compromise on quality. A continuous expanding and increasingly skillful workforce also ensures that our quality consistently meets the highest international standards.

We look forward to updating and building our brands with new product introductions and creative, differentiated artwork and designs every year.

Our brands “Elegant Kids 2000” and “Wonderful Memories” have since become recognized and trusted brands around the globe.

Our distribution has reached globally, with products sold to well over 40 countries to carefully selected partners and distributors in Northern America, Central America/Caribbean, Southern America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East / Africa regions.

We are excited to continue expanding our product offering around the globe.

In 2014, we are enthusiastically launching our China division. Due to the expansion, we moved our location to accommodate our growth. Our company's operations are currently integrated in a 30,000 square foot facility in Los Angeles next to the City of Vernon - Industrial heart of all major manufacturers, processors and distributors in Southern California.

Our company - “The Elegant Kid 2000, Inc.” was incorporated in April 29, 1999 in Los Angeles, California, United States. Our business had been operating in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, where we provide timely day-to-day support to many customers in Los Angeles Wholesale & Fashion District and offer wholesalers and retailers opportunity to earn favorable gross margins at optimal retail prices for consumers.

At “Elegant Kids”, we strive to make the lives of parents and babies easy and believe that every baby deserves the best. Parents can be rest assured that our products have been manufactured in highest quality at affordable prices so that they can focus on what is really important – caring for your precious little baby!

Hope you will enjoy the Elegant Kids experience!

Elegant Kids